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I am fetching posts from a specific user on facebook (I've got permissions, read_stream and offline_access). But when I try to fetch these a user needs to be logged in. Since I want these posts to be made visible without having to be logged in to facebook (or even have a facebook account), I'm kind of stuck on this one?

Can anyone help me out?

FB.api('/'+id+'/posts', { limit: 5 }, function(response) {
            var items = '';
            $.each(response.data, function(index, post){
                var msg =  post.message;
                if(post.message === undefined){
                    var msg = post.description;
                if(post.link === undefined){    
                    if((index+1) % 2 === 0){
                        items += '<li class="even">'+msg+'</li>';
                        items += '<li>'+msg+'</li>';
                    if((index+1) % 2 === 0){
                        items += '<li class="even"><a href="'+post.link+'">'+msg+'</a></li>';
                        items += '<li><a href="'+post.link+'">'+msg+'</a></li>';

            $('.box.facebook .innerbox ul').html(items);
            $('.box.facebook .loader').hide();
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Are you saying that you cannot make facebook api request without a user account or that particular user has to be logged in for you to read his posts. – uncaught_exceptions Mar 14 '11 at 20:15
Yes, i'm trying to fetch a feed and show it on a page, just like you can show tweets without having a twitter account. – KristofHouben Mar 15 '11 at 10:22

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