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Is there any easy to implement webmail framework out there? It doesn't matter if it's free or commercial, as long as it's good and can be implemented to a custom design really fast.

Thank you!

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Roundcube have support form themes and api for building extensions.

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RoundCube is really good and easy to modify the CSS :) I have it up and running now with my own design, took me a couple of hours. – luqita Mar 16 '11 at 5:06

Squirrelmail is written in PHP, and is time-tested and stable. Modifying CSS for custom design is limited, however.

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Squirrel mail is pretty decent. You might want to ask this in serverfault? But I've set up a webmail server before and squirrelmail was decently customizable. I change the logo and some stuff, I didn't go all out on it. Perhaps you can ask them, squirrelmail peeps, about it too.

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