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When I am doing animation with jQuery (like $(".myClass").slideDown()) it adds some styles inline to my object:

# Before:
<div class='myItem'>...</div>
# Animation:
=> $(".myItem").slideDown();
# After:
<div class='myItem' style='display: block'>

Question is how to return my object to original state after animation.

I've got two approaches:

  • I can use cool wrap() function to wrap my object, animate it and unwrap() as callback for animation.
  • I can save my original state html = $(".myItem").html() and assign it back after animation.

Why I need it? Actually I was digging in one web site, that was using ancient (but quite cool) CSS dropdown menu. My goal is to add animation for dropdown (slideDown) with jQuery. Problem is that my animation breaks css styling and it stops working. Now I am using my first approach with wrap, but it don't work in IE.

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Can you not just remove the style attribute once the animation has completed, i.e., within the callback?

$(".myItem").slideDown("slow", function() {
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quite smart :). I'll try it – fl00r Mar 14 '11 at 20:43

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