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I am 2 branches 'master' and 'dev'.

I am on 'dev' branch and I want to cherry-pick 1 commit from master to 'dev'. So I did

'git cherry-pick be530cec7748e037c665bd5a585e6d9ce12bc8bc'

And this is the result I get:

$ git cherry-pick be530cec7748e037c665bd5a585e6d9ce11bc8ad
Finished one cherry-pick.

But when I do 'git status' and 'gitx', I don't see my commit be530cec7748e037c665bd5a585e6d9ce11bc8ad in git history.

So am I doing something wrong? If not, how can I see my commit in 'dev' branch?

Thank you.

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When you cherry-pick, it creates a new commit with a new SHA. If you do git cherry-pick -x <sha> then at least you'll get the commit message from the original commit appended to your new commit, along with the original SHA, which is very useful for tracking cherry-picks.

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