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Is there a working example available of an ext js ListFilter where the list options are loaded by a remote store. The documentation gives examples of harcoded options like 'Small', 'Medium' and 'large'.

I wish to load these options from a remote store. I found one example here but this modifes the core class ListFilter.js I am looking to avoid that. Thanks, Kaushik

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Here is an example for a filter. The following code snippet would be used in the instantiation block for your filter plugin.

filters: [{
    type: 'list',
    dataIndex: 'dataInTheStoreName', // use this as the value
    single: false,   // true for radio buttons
    labelField: 'dataInTheStoreLabel', // use this as the label
    store: new yourExampleStore()
}.{...your other filters...}]

So just make an ExtJs store object to access your data, and attach it to the list filter. There are many example of this such as here.

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