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Attempting to access an FTP site, I can use a plain text password in credentials and it works fine, but when I use a SecureString it fails to authenticate. Examples:

$pw = "mypw"
$ftp = [system.net.ftpwebrequest] [system.net.webrequest]::create("ftp:myserver")
$ftp.Credentials  = new-object system.net.networkcredential("myuid", $pw)

works fine. But the following fails

$pw = "mypw"
$ftp = [system.net.ftpwebrequest] [system.net.webrequest]::create("ftp:myserver")
$ss = convertto-securestring -asplaintext -force $pw
$ftp.Credentials  = new-object system.net.networkcredential("myuid", $ss)

But that fails to authenticate. What am I misunderstanding?

(BTW I know that I don't want plaintext pw in my script. This is just an example.)

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This is because FTP cannot handle anything other than plain text username and passwords unless you are using secure FTP. Is there some confusion here?

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You are correct, some confusion. I thought that the SecureString class stored a decrytpable pw. Of course, that's not correct. – Elroy Flynn Mar 15 '11 at 19:34

Since your question is tagged with both "ftp" and "security" I can only recommend to you to never use ftp if you want any security at all. Use ssh instead of telnet, use scp instead of rcp, and use sftp instead of ftp. Otherwise it is quite pointless to try to protect the password in memory and then send it in cleartext over the network. I would understand using ftp in the nineties even though I didn't recommend it back then. But now? I see no excuse.

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Thanks for the comment, but that doesn't explain what's going wrong, so I've downvoted it as a answer. I have no control over the ftp server. – Elroy Flynn Mar 15 '11 at 1:54

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