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For a particular test, I want to change the return value of a class method.

I can get the correct behavior by calling MyClass.expects(:method).returns(:myvalue). How can I stop this behavior once I'm done with the test?

There's an unstub method in Mocha, but it appears to only work on instance methods, not class methods.

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What version number of mocha are you using?

This works in MRI / mocha 0.9.12:

class T
  def self.hello

T.hello # => "hi"
T.hello # => "hello"
T.hello # => "hi"
T.hi    # => "world"
T.hi    # => NoMethodError: undefined method ....
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That's the trick: I'm using mocha-0.9.8. I misread the 0.9.12 docs to mean that they were instance-only, and misinterpreted my error message as confirmation of that. Thanks. –  Craig Walker Mar 14 '11 at 21:53
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