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I'm trying to implement the facebook 'like' button my site, but I'm having a problem when my URL has an "&" in it. I have tried using htmlentities, as well as urlencode (which is the closest to working, but not quite).

I have a url like:, and I url encode the entire thing for the href for the iframe for the social plugin button, which becomes:

Now, when I load the page with this like button, and click "like" it shows me the correct url "" but then it says Error next to it, click the error message and I get this error:

The page at example/entry.php?id=1&refer=abc could not be reached.

So for some reason it is interpreting the & as an &amp, how does this make any sense?


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I didn't realize that you had to press the checkmark to accept answers, I thought clicking the Up arrow was good enough. I accepted answers to all of my asked questions now. – Nikhil Mar 15 '11 at 0:48
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What I would do is use the XFBML version and make use of the Open Graph Meta Tags so that you set the url in the og:url meta tag and leave the href empty!

When all is done, run link over the URL Linter to clear the Facebook cache.

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