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if a string is passed to a lua function How to get that string in double quote string

like somestring is the string passed to function XYZ in lua need the value of somestring in double quotes.

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If I understood your question, you can do it in a few different ways.

  1. Use escaped double quote:

    function quote(str)
        return "\""..str.."\""
  2. Use single quote to use double quote character without escaping:

    function quote2(str)
        return '"'..str..'"'
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THANKS A LOT for your help –  che Mar 14 '11 at 23:09

You can just glue the quote to the string:

local str = "foo"

print('"' .. foo .. '"') --> "foo"
print("\"" .. foo .. "\"") --> "foo"
print([["]] .. foo .. [["]]) --> "foo"

But if you're constructing data for machine consumption (e.g. for serialization), you want to escape quotes and other funny characters that may be inside the string. Use "%q" format specifier for this:

local str = 'f"o"o'

print(string.format("%q", str)) --> "f\"o\"o"

In shorter form:

print(("%q"):format(str)) --> "f\"o\"o"
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Just in case you would like to both escape and quote:

function string.quote(str)
  return '"' .. str:gsub('\\', '\\\\'):gsub('"', '\\"') .. '"'

local a = '"Hello again \\ to all my friends"'


Which will give you the following string:

"\"Hello again \\ to all my friends\""
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