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Trying to update content from an iframe on the main document via JQuery load. This does not work, how would one do it.

window.parent.$("#OPTthumb").load("http://www.divethegap.com/update/admin/dtg-settings/ #OPTthumb");

Any ideas?



parent.$('#OPTthumb').load("http://www.divethegap.com/update/admin/dtg-settings/ #OPTthumb");

$('#OPTthumb', window.parent.document).load("http://www.divethegap.com/update/admin/dtg-settings/ #OPTthumb");
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don't use window.parent, use parent. If you're executing this jQuery in the iframe, use this syntax:

parent.$('#OPTthumb').load("http://www.divethegap.com/update/admin/dtg-settings/ #OPTthumb");

-edit- Forgot one thing: for this to work you have to have jquery included in the main page, not necessary in the iframe.

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JQuery included in all pages. Not working. See edit above –  Robin Knight Mar 14 '11 at 23:15

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