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I'm using the EWS managed API to get the data from some resource calendars. Every run of my application I get all the items in the calendar, even if I have saved the SyncState used from the last run. Is there a way to only get the updates? It seems that the SyncState is tied to the current connection or something.

Secondly, if one can use the SyncState string from a previous run, what is the maximum size of this string? I would like to store it in a DB and need to know the required record size.


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Yes, you can store the SyncState and use it in future requests. Every time you make a call to get the newest items from your calendars you will get a new SyncState object which needs to be stored.

When you create your SyncFolderItemsType you can add your stored syncstate to it before execution. Look at the link and it should give you an idea.

I am not sure about the maximum size of the SyncState string though.


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