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Now I change my gnome-terminal's character encoding to "GBK" (default it is UTF-8), but how can I get the value(character encoding) in my Linux?

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Short writeup: Unix Terminals: Surviving the Encoding Hell –  miku Mar 15 '11 at 0:21

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The terminal uses environment variables to determine which character set to use therefore you can test it by looking at those variables Try

echo $LC_CTYPE


echo $LANG
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locale command with no arguments will print the values of all of the relevant environment variables except for LANGUAGE.

For current encoding:

locale charmap

For available locales:

locale -a

For available encodings:

locale -m
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Check encoding and language:

$ echo $LC_CTYPE
$ echo $LANG

Get all languages:

$ locale -a

Change to pt_PT.utf8:

$ export LC_ALL=pt_PT.utf8 
$ export LANG="$LC_ALL"
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