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First time using pyFacebook. I've literally copied the example application and put it up onto my server. I've created an FB app and now when I try to load the app basically what happens is that the browser keeps refreshing. I noticed in the url (for example)

Keeps refreshing with the auth_token changing. If I remove the @facebook.require_login() decorator then the page displays without a problem.

Help please.

I've just noticed that it only does this when I select IFrame and not FBML within my app settings. I have fbml templates which don't work. I know have normal html templates which work on the website but when I select IFrame I get that constant loop (changing url with blank white screen)

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Ok so after weeks of pain the problem I was having was that Facebook updated it's entire API. This broke python based apps that were based on that. Like PyFacebook.

I now use fandjango and this it's new, has a great developer and nice documentation.

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The problem is most probably somewhere in facebook/, around line 1742

    if not params:
        if request.method == 'POST':
            params = self.validate_signature(request.POST)
        if not params:   #was else

iframe makes POST call, but auth_token is GET variable.. though if validate_signature fails (params still None) go to GET validation. Also I commented out the return in auth_token checks as suggested in pyfacebook issue tracker.

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Problem with this is that the call to self.auth.getSession() still fails, a couple lines later. – noio Jan 3 '12 at 13:11

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