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I'd like to embed a skype chat box into my website. Is that possible? I'm running a LAMP architecture but am open to using a different vps if needed

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Have you tried <a href="skype:-skype-name-?chat">Start chat</a> ?

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Not exactly what I was after but this is the best solution available at this stage. –  Jason Jul 9 at 11:42

No, you cannot embed Skype chat in your website by the time this post is done.

This is the official site for creating a Skype button in your website for chat or call: http://www.skype.com/en/features/skype-buttons/create-skype-buttons/?intcmp=blogs--generic-click--skype-buttons-let-customers-call-or-chat-right-from-your-website

But I will have to advise that your visitors require Skype Software installed and it's correspondent extension installed. On mobile browsers it will require only the Skype App installed.

This is the HTML code for the website:


<a href="skype:USERNAME?call">call using Skype</a>


<a href="skype:USERNAME?chat">Chat with Skype</a>


<a href="skype:USERNAME?voicemail">Leave a voicemail</a>

Source: http://www.vividstar.co.uk/2012/09/embedding-skype-html-on-your-website/

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It is only possible to start the locally installed Skype-client on the visitors computer from your website.

Skype provides an api for this:


And here you'll find a Skype URI Tutorial:


What you're looking for is a live support chat. There are plenty commercial offerings out there. Maybe you can also find some free script.

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