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I am new to Android development. I would like to use the viewflipper to bring in pages of my application. It would go to the next or previous page depending on the recieved gesture event. I have the gesture working and pages scroll in and out. Cool! Problem: the onCreate of each page doesn't fire and hence I have no click events defined. Here's what I got:

private void BuildViewFlipper(ViewFlipper flipper)
    views = new View[2];

    views[0] = GetView(R.layout.ivdosage);

    flipper.addView(views[0], 0);

    views[1] = GetView(R.layout.ivrate);
    flipper.addView(views[1], 1);


private View GetView(int id){
    LayoutInflater inflater = this.getLayoutInflater();
    View view = inflater.inflate(id, null);        

    return view;

The views in the above code were Activities. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Craig

PS: The fixed array for the views was to just get me going and will be updated later. :)

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ViewFlipper can only host views. You can't include an entire activity in a ViewFlipper.

This is a common question.

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