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More and more I come across sites that allow users to either create a profile or register using one of the existing accounts, such as facebook, twitter, Google, Yahoo! or other. For a site that needs to restrict user access only to their own information, this is perfect. I personally do not like creating accounts when I do not think I'll be coming back in the future.

Now, I looked into OpenID libraries but they only support Yahoo, and a few other sites. Apparently Google, Facebook and Twitter are using their own protocols (or whatever thingamajig).

I came across a commercial package on JanRain.com but they only list prices for SAAS.

Can anyone suggest any other library, package or solution?

I usually use LAMP in my projects.


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Apparently openid and oauth are different things developed for different purposes. Think again what actually you want and ask question again. – zerkms Mar 15 '11 at 2:36
I am looking for a class or a library that will allow me to give users an option to register or login with one of the services mentioned above. Someone mentioned oauth for twitter logins and that's why I used that tag... – santa Mar 15 '11 at 2:59

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