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Is it possible to create a full text index on a VIEW?

If so, given two columns column1 and column2 on a VIEW, what is the SQL to get this done?

The reason I'd like to do this is I have two very large tables, where I need to do a FULLTEXT search of a single column on each table and combine the results. The results need to be ordered as a single unit.


EDIT: This was my attempt at creating a UNION and ordering by each statements scoring.

(SELECT a_name AS name, MATCH(a_name) AGAINST('$keyword') as ascore 
     FROM a WHERE MATCH a_name AGAINST('$keyword'))
(SELECT s_name AS name,MATCH(s_name) AGAINST('$keyword') as sscore 
     FROM s WHERE MATCH s_name AGAINST('$keyword'))
ORDER BY (ascore + sscore) ASC

sscore was not recognized.

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MySQL doesn't allow any form of indexes on a view, just on it's underlying tables. The reason for this is because MySQL only materializes a view when you select from it, due to the possibility of the underlying tables changing data all the time. If you had a view that returned 10 million rows, you'd have to apply a full text index to it every time you selected from it, and that takes a lot of time.

If you want full index functionality, then you might as well stick with the SQL script you've posted, and manually (or cronjob a script to) update the fulltext index of both tables on a nightly basis (or hourly if you're in that high traffic market).

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