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I'm using the Typus Admin UI for a Ruby on Rails project and it's great. I was wondering if there's a way to customize it to do the following:

There is a database column named "account_type" which is an integer. Some non-technical admins use the Admin site and aren't aware of the integer to description mappings (e.g. 0 = START, 200 = READY, 400 = PENDING).

So I'd like to create a drop down box ( tag) whose values shows START, READY, PENDING. And when the form is submitted the "account_type" field is correctly changed to (0, 200, or 400).

Does anyone know if this is possible with Typus and how to do it?

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The solution was documented here:

I learned that views for the admin can be overrided by creating directories with the model name in the app/views/admin . So to override views for a "Book" class you can

  • Run "rails generate typus:views"
  • create the directory app/views/admin/books
  • copy files from app/views/admin/resources to the app/views/admin/books directory
  • change files as needed (I changed the _form.html.erb)
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Or you can place this inside your conroller action (f.e. 'edit'): add_resources_action 'typus.buttons.my_action_name', { action: :my_action_name }, { class: 'btn btn-default', data: {mykey: :myvalue}, confirmation: 'Are you sure?' } and super on the next line. Controller should have 'my_action_name' action. – sadfuzzy Jan 15 at 11:04

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