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sno acco_no amount

1    50001     5000
2    50002     4000
3    50001     2500
4    50002     3100
5    50002     3400
6    50001     1500

in which i want to take 50001's last 2 records one by one.

ie is result'd be :

sno acco_no amount
6 50001 1500-----> i want to move this record to variable1
3 50001 2500-----> i want to move this record to variable2

pls help me anyone

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Use this to get only the last 2 records

select *
from tbl
where acco_no = 50001
order by sno desc

Then in your code, store the first record into var 1 and the 2nd into var 2.

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i want to fetch 1 by 1 oly – jkk Mar 15 '11 at 11:14
@user659907: Could you clarify what you mean by "1 by 1"? Do you want both rows in a single row, as in (sno, acco_no, amount, sno2, acco_no2, amount2)? – Leons Mar 15 '11 at 16:33

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