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Can any one tell me how to erase the color done on a canvas..i.e., I hv a colorful image on canvas that has been made B/W by drawing white color all over the canvas now it appeared to be a sketched image only which can be painted similarly as other B/W image. Now the question is that My application has one option to fill the image with its original color with stroke of mouse(finger) only, According to me if i can erase the white color(or any of its color done above the original image) then i 'll achieve the required option.. Any help... Please suggest me any other way to achieve this also, if there is.....


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It would be possible by creating a photo-shop functionality named Masking(or alpha masking or image masking) in android using porterduff and xfermode.

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is there any example or code how to implement it ? or how to code it ? –  iDroid Explorer Nov 16 '11 at 9:17

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