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Do quotes in library include path in C++ mean base directory?

#include "header.h"

I would think it would be in the project folder, but I am wrong.

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It is very related to the linked question. :-) The language standard doesn't contain anything about paths (some systems don't have any!), so it cannot define how files are searched for. It is all implementation defined. –  Bo Persson Mar 15 '11 at 5:45

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#include <foo.h> means that it will look for the file anywhere in the include path.

#include "foo.h" means to look relative to the directory of the file that the #include statement is written in, and fallback on the include path if it cannot be found locally.

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That will only look in the directory of the file. ie if you had the following setup:

folder: src
contents: header.c

folder: src/include
contents: header.h

If you had the line above in header.c, the preprocessor would not find the header.h file.

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