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Whenever my BackgroundWorker throws an exception, I'd like to get just the exception message that I threw. But Instead I get a bunch of lines like

System.Exception : System.Exception : Message
at WPFApp_Desktop
at ...
at ...

How can I eliminate all this and just get the exception message I send?

It doesnt make sense for me to parse the output and split it because I'm catching exceptions across the app in the DispatcherUnhandledException function and the format of exceptions may vary

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Use the Exception.Message property, not the Exception.ToString method, to get just the message without the full call stack.

You may also want to log ex.GetType().ToString() (assuming ex is your Exception object) to display the exception type, and/or log ex.InnerException (repeatedly) to display any nested exceptions.

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cancel that. my mistake –  Aks Mar 15 '11 at 7:14

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