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I am using date range picker javascript library To select range of date from user

                    dateFormat: 'd-M-yy',
                    rangeSplitter: 'to',
                    datepickerOptions: {
                         changeMonth: true,
                         changeYear: true,
                         minDate: new Date("01/01/2011") //Account created date
                    closeOnSelect: true,
                    onChange: function(){
                                    //ajax call goes here


In my ajax call i am updating the screen with date range. but this on change function runs two times and ajax returns old date value. If need to use ajax functionality with on change function of date range picker.

If any one find solution for using onchange function at once with correct from and to date, intimate me please. Thanks in Advance

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Reading the documentation you find

onChange: function, callback that executes whenever the date input changes (can happen twice on range selections).

I have setup a little demo http://jsfiddle.net/ByzYX/16/

So onChange seems to be the wrong callback for your solution. I am not really sure what you want to update on screen and why you do ajax requests but you could try a if condition to execute you ajax call only once.

So onOpen set a flag to true and after performing ajax call set it to false. In onChange check this flag.

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