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I would like to write the following in a text file in the following format:

The Name is from a list of names

Item "Name" RollNo


Item "Aaron" RollNo Item "Barry" RollNo

I am writing

file.write("Item" + \" + Name[i] +\") 

but getting error

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While this is an easy case to diagnose without the actual error, generally, providing the error and full stack trace can assist in helping you solve your problems. – Josh Smeaton Mar 15 '11 at 6:15

With double-quote strings:

file.write("Item \"" + Name[i] + "\" ")

Or with simple quotes:

file.write('Item "' + Name[i] + '" ')

Or with triple double quotes and string interpolation:

file.write("""Item "%s" """ % Name[i])

Or with simple quotes and format:

file.write('Item "{0}"'.format(name[i]))

There are many many ways to declare string literals in Python...

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You can use:

s1 = 'Item "Aaron" RollNo Item "Barry" RollNo'
s2 = "Item \"Aaron\" RollNo Item \"Barry\" RollNo"

In python you can separate string with ' or " chars, and if you use " you can "escape" such char in the middle of the string with \"

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