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I have a form on which i want to place certain controls. I want them to be positioned on the form according to the form size, that is, far apart when the form is maximised and close when it is smaller in size.

How to do it? Thanks.

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There are two properties on every windows form control Dock and Anchor Using these you could beautifully place controls and test for different sizes of forms. Check these links and do look out for behaviour by playing around with these properties.

Anchor & Dock

Dock Controls

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The way I read the original question, (s)he doesn't want to change the size of the controls, but only their relative positions when the container form is resized. In that case, the Anchor property is a better bet. See this how-to article on MSDN for more information. –  Cody Gray Mar 15 '11 at 6:40

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