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I am facing a rather strange problem when it comes to orientation change in iPad. My App works absolutely fine when I rotate my device in the horizontal plane, from landscape to portrait or vice versa. The problem arises when I rotate the device vertically (like a somersault).

The problem is that the frames of the views are getting distorted. I am calling my orientation change handling code from the didRotateFromInterfaceorientation:fromInterfaceOrientation method. Anyone know how to fix this?

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hi Mr Hp It is strange to see a issue that you got.Earlier when i test any app in ipad i used to check only in 360 degrees,but now on i think i should check even by somersaulting the device. I think you can approach Apple for your prob......

you are creating a new era in ipad testing , hats up to your idea of somersaulting the device and the thought is innovative. any how check your code once again i think you missed some property settings either in code or plist.

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