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Are there any signals (I cannot find anything in the docs) emitted when tha user starts and ends the QTableView widget cell editation?

I want to execute some function from table model then user begins edit eny cell and execute another function when user ends editing. How can i do this?

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Actions when user starts/ends editing can be done by implementing your own Delegate.

Also there is dataChanged signal in QAbstractItemModel.

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I would derive a class from QTableView and override the function selectionChanged to implement specific behaviour when the user begins to edit the cell and also override the function dataChanged to implement specific behaviour for after the cell has been modified.

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Like graphite suggests above, I typically use dataChanged in my model, typically QSqlTableModel, to find out when editing has ended. But I agree it would make sense to have signals for more detailed user actions in QTableView itself.

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