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I have a statusbar in my application whose content is a TextBlock. When my application is running I'd like the textblock text to display Processing... but with the number of dots increasing and decreasing. Is this possible?

Note: I dont want to use the progressbar

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You can use a String animation, like this:

<Storyboard x:Key="StringAnimationStoryboard">
  <StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames AutoReverse="True" Storyboard.TargetProperty="Text" RepeatBehavior="Forever">
    <DiscreteStringKeyFrame Value="Processing" KeyTime="0:0:0.1" />
    <DiscreteStringKeyFrame Value="Processing." KeyTime="0:0:0.2" />
    <DiscreteStringKeyFrame Value="Processing.." KeyTime="0:0:0.3" />
    <DiscreteStringKeyFrame Value="Processing..." KeyTime="0:0:0.4" />
    <DiscreteStringKeyFrame Value="Processing...." KeyTime="0:0:0.5" />
    <DiscreteStringKeyFrame Value="Processing....." KeyTime="0:0:0.6" />
<Style TargetType="TextBlock" x:Key="StringAnimationStyle">
    <EventTrigger Event="TextBlock.Loaded" >
        <BeginStoryboard Storyboard="{StaticResource StringAnimationStoryboard}" />

Be aware though, if you are doing processor-intense calculations in the main application thread, the animation might not run ...

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