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I want to show user a dailog box for rate my app on net if he likes. This dialog will appear if user has used(Viewed) my app X time or if the app is in his device for x days? .

I can use SharedPreferences on my splash screen and count each time app run. But I am wondering what if user not finish by pressing home. In this case the app will not launch. So what the solution?

I was thinking there may be a component for this,like IPhone AppRater. Please tell me if any. Or let me know how to do this.


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How about setting a counter (stored in SharedPreferences) in onResume() in your main activity?

And for the date, how about storing a date in SharedPreferences if the date is not already set also in the onResume()-method of your main activity?

And the check for displaying the Dialog-Box (linking into the market) I would also add to onResume().

onResume() is only called if the user really sees your activity. Have a look here concerning the app lifecycle: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Activity.html#ActivityLifecycle

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