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I was really confused that my program using jqgrid won't sort (descending) everytime I clicked the column header? I tried creating a program where I use local data (.json data) and it work great in sorting when I clicked the column header. So what's the problem with the first one? I am using the data from client server....

Here's my javascript code:

  $("#btnQueryMainAccountGroups").click( function() {
    var params = {
      "SessionID": $("#eSessionID3").val(),
      "dataType": "data"
      url:'process.php?path=' + encodeURI('masterData/data') + '&json=' + encodeURI(JSON.stringify(params)), 
      datatype: olSettings.ajaxDataType,  

    url: '',
    datatype: '',
    jsonReader : {
      root: function(obj) {
        var root = [];

    if  ('error' in obj) 
      showMessage(obj.error['class'] + ' error: ' + obj['error']['msg']);
      $.each(obj['result']['main']['rowdata'], function(rowIndex, rowDataValue) {
        var row = {};
        $.each(rowDataValue, function(columnIndex, rowArrayValue) {
          var fldName = obj['result']['main']['metadata']['fields'][columnIndex].name;
          row[fldName] = rowArrayValue;                
        root[rowIndex] = row;
    return root;
  page: "result.main.page",
  total: "result.main.pageCount",
  records: "result.main.rows",
  repeatitems: false,
  id: "0"
serializeGridData: function(postData) {
  var jsonParams = {
    'SessionID': $('#eSessionID3').val(),
    'dataType': 'data',
    'recordLimit': postData.rows,
    'recordOffset': postData.rows * (postData.page - 1),
    'rowDataAsObjects': false,
    'queryRowCount': true,
    'sort_fields': postData.sidx

  return 'json=' + JSON.stringify(jsonParams);

colNames:['ID','Code', 'Description','Type'],

viewrecords: true,
pager: '#tblDataPager',
sortname: 'group_desc',
sortorder: 'asc',
caption: "MainGroup"

$("#tblData").setGridWidth($(window).width() - 70);

that's my code in javascript where i can't sort my jqgrid... my process.php code:

     print(file_get_contents("http://localhost/" .... "?json=" . $_GET["json"]));

There's no problem in loading of data to the jqgrid. The only problem is that I cannot sort them in descending order. Everytime i clicked a column header, it only sorts ascending, and if i clicked again, no descending happen. What's the problem?

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You should use sortable: true in your required fields' colModel as follows:

 {name:'group_id', sortable: true},
 {name:'group_code',align:'center',width:100, sortable: true},
 {name:'group_desc', sortable: true},
 {name:'type', sortable: true}

You should now able to sort properly.

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When using data from server, you must provide ready-to-use data: both ordered and paginated.

To do so, jqgrid sends in the request the variables sidx and sord , containing the name of the column and the ordering ('desc' for descending).

See the tutorial for further help and a PHP example.

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hey, how can i store a password, username and a database in one php file.? i already had this code, configdb.php <? $dbuser = "root"; $dbpassword = "somepassword"; ?> my database is in another php file... <?php print(file_get_contents("localhost:8001/"; . $_GET["path"] . "?json=" . urlencode($_GET["json"]))); ?> how can i make this two into one .php file... thank you Don... –  jayAnn Mar 16 '11 at 2:25
by the way, i'm using pgAdmin:PostgreSQL –  jayAnn Mar 16 '11 at 2:59
Sorry, but I don't know PHP. I'm using jqGrid with Python and Django –  Don Mar 16 '11 at 8:23
i already study the tutorial and i guess i didn't miss anything.. <link rel="stylesheet" type="css" href="js/css/redmond/jquery-ui-1.8.7.custom.css"/> <link rel="stylesheet" type="css" href="js/css/ui.jqgrid.custom.css" /> <script type="javascript" src="js/jquery-1.4.4.min.js"></script> <script type="javascript" src="js/js/jquery-ui-1.8.7.custom.min.js"></script> <script type="javascript" src="js/grid.base.js"></script> <script type="javascript" src="js/i18n/grid.locale-en.js"</script> <script type="javascript" src="js/jquery.jqGrid.min.js"</script> did i miss something? –  jayAnn Mar 21 '11 at 2:04

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