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i was trying to create a Slot machine(type off slot machine but you can say at UI level it will work like Slot machine) So I use UIPickerView and some how i made it circular. But when i rotate it using function selectRow:inComponent:animated: with animated value YES. its animation is bit sloppy or you can say that not cool enough when we spin UIpickerview from hands.

Sloppy animation means, when we move UIPickerView with hands, it decreases its speed at the end of animation and this effect looks very good but when I use function selectRow:inComponent:animated: I can't get that animation.

Is there a way to get that animation???

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Did you try getting the recursive description the uipickerview? I think that some where there should be a scrollview inside. try getting the scrollview reference and make it scroll to the desired position with a custom animation. To get the view hierarchy try using recursive description on the picker view. It's just a hint. Hope that this helps.

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