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I need to dynamically create mathematical expressions in ASP.NET much like:


I have seen mimeTeX however, was curious if anyone knew of other solutions? I would like to use TeX without needing LaTeX on the server.

Thank you for your input.

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This is very similar to this question, I think:

My answer there was:

There is a modern service called "mathtran" which provides a robust and fast way to this sort of thing: http://www.mathtran.org/

The big caveat is that only TeX math commands are allowed; AMSLaTeX, in particular, is not supported.

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Matplotlib has a TeX-like math typesetting engine suitable for single formulas. Its prerequisites include Python and numpy, but it is probably still going to be smaller than a complete TeX distribution tree. I heard that someone was going to extract the rendering engine to make it a standalone Python library in a Google SoC project, but haven't heard whether they were successful.

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try this article, i was able to put it to good use.


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http://www.mathjax.org provides a javascript library to render TeX and MathML based contents.

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