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I'm trying to import some data (using oracle sql developer) from a .csv file but I'm getting an error as :-

Verifying if the Date columns have date formats FAILED Date columns ... column names

the date in my .csv file is :

2008-01-09 15:59:23.187

I have tried giving this format but it doesn't work (in the data importing wizard)

yyyy-mm-dd HH24:mi:ss.ff3

I'm trying to figure out a solution expecting some help.


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I can't test right now but I'm taking a guess: the format is not a DATE format but a TIMESTAMP format. Consider:

SQL> select to_date('2008-01-09 15:59:23.187', 
  2                 'yyyy-mm-dd HH24:mi:ss.ff3') from dual;

ORA-01821: date format not recognized

SQL> select to_timestamp('2008-01-09 15:59:23.187', 
  2                      'yyyy-mm-dd HH24:mi:ss.ff3') ts from dual;

09/01/08 15:59:23,187000000

If this is the same error that SQL Dev encounters, you could import in a timestamp column.

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Please, I am having the same problem, and indeed I do want to import into a timestamp column. But how do I import into a timestamp column? How do I specify the format? –  Sorin Postelnicu Aug 31 '12 at 16:58

Oracle Date's can only store to seconds, you will need to use the timestamp.

Using a timestamp works fine (date fails with error of "Fractional seconds format element not allowed in DATE formatting")

create table test2(cola number(1), colB varchar2(5), colD timestamp);

csv file:
colA, colB, colD
"1","a","2008-01-09 :15:59:23.187"
"2","b","2009-02-10 :16:48:32.188"
"3","c","2012-03-11 :17:37:41.189"

"Import Data" in SQL Developer 3.0.03 using colD format of yyyy-mm-dd HH24:mi:ss.ff3
select * from test2;
COLA                   COLB  COLD                      
---------------------- ----- ------------------------- 
1                      a     09-JAN-08 PM 
2                      b     10-FEB-09 PM 
3                      c     11-MAR-12 PM 
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