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I am doing some tests with the tapestry-testify librairy. But I have a question about its documentation :

I would like to pass different value to a parameter of my component. Could someone explain to me how can i do that.

I have the same project structure as in the documentation.

public class myComponent {    
    private String myParam;


<fieldset xmlns:t="">
    <p>test ${myParam}</p>

public class MyComponentDemo {
    private String myParam;    


<html xmlns:t="">
        <h1 id="h2">DayMonthYearDateInputTestPage</h1>

        <div t:type="myC/MyComponent" t:id="myComponent" t:myParam="myParam"/>

import Perso.monAppli.demo.DemoModule;

import com.formos.tapestry.testify.core.ForComponents;
import com.formos.tapestry.testify.core.TapestryTester;
import com.formos.tapestry.testify.junit3.TapestryTest;

public class MyComponentTest extends TapestryTest {

    private String myParam;

    private static final TapestryTester SHARED_TESTER = new TapestryTester("app", DemoModule.class);

    public MyComponentTest() {

    public void testElementIsOnPage() {
        Document page = tester.renderPage("demo/MyComponentDemo");
        System.out.println("### HTML " + page.getRootElement().getChildMarkup());

Do I have to create a service for passing value to my component ?

Thank you for your help.

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When Id test that solution, i have got this error message : [ERROR] ioc.Registry Service id 'myParam' is not defined by any module. – Gillespie59 Mar 15 '11 at 11:58
Did you created service for myParam in class? Or try to remove @Inject annotation – Milos Oct 9 '11 at 20:13

I'm not sure of this, but did you try to change name of "myParam"?

For instance:

private String myParamValue;


<div t:type="myC/MyComponent" t:id="myComponent" t:myParam="myParamValue"/>

private String myParam;
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