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How can I get these 2 routes (languages, amdin) to work.. alone admin, or language will work but together they will fail :(

; Admin route
resources.router.routes.admin.type = Zend_Controller_Router_Route
resources.router.routes.admin.route = ":admin"
resources.router.routes.admin.reqs.admin = "admin"

; Language route
resources.router.routes.language.type = Zend_Controller_Router_Route
resources.router.routes.language.route = ":language"
resources.router.routes.language.reqs.language = "^(nl|en)$"
resources.router.routes.language.defaults.language = "nl"

; Default route chain
resources.router.routes.default.type = Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Chain
resources.router.routes.default.chain = "language, admin, defaultmodule"
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hey Chris, i m stuck in same situation , how it got solve. if you can share would be a great help. – JapanPro Mar 19 '11 at 13:41

Well, of course. These routes are overlapping, while they should have been different.

; Admin route
resources.router.routes.admin.route = "admin/:admin"
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