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CellList<Device> cellList = new CellList<Device>(new ItemCell());


static class ItemCell extends AbstractCell<Device> {
    public void render(Context context, Device device, SafeHtmlBuilder builder) {
        if(device == null) {

And now, I want to make an 'Edit' button, when I'll press on it - I want to see editable selected item. How can I do it? Please answer, who knows.

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I followed the simple old way of doing this.

I used a cell list and a form attached to it. Every time you click on a row, row's data is loaded to the form. You can delete or edit the selected row via this form now.

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Use EditTextCell or ActionCell

addColumn(new EditTextCell(), "Name", new GetValue() {
            public String getValue(IData contact) {
                return contact.getName();
        }, new FieldUpdater() {
            public void update(int index, IData object, String value) {
                try {
                    pandingChanges.add(new FirstNameChange(object, value));
                } catch (Exception e) {

} });

check this out or >THIS>

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Thank you, mr. wingdings. But I have a CellList, not CellTable, what is method addColumn() in CellList ? –  Andrew Mar 15 '11 at 12:40

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