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Using only literal SOAP calls, is it possible to use RecordsRepository.SubmitFile to submit a file somewhere already on the Sharepoint Site? Currently I have code that can use Copy.CopyIntoItems to upload a doc into the dropoff library and fill all the necessary metadata fields including content type, but it doesn't seem to want to route into the destination library.

Do I have to re-submit the file as a byte stream to use this method? I would have to download the document, convert to base64 and reupload which doesn't seem ideal.

So now I tried using RecordsRepository.SubmitFile but all I ever get is a NotFound error. I followed this example. The request I send looks like this:

<SubmitFile xmlns="">
<fileToSubmit />
  <Other />
  <Other />
  <Value>Routing Documents</Value>
  <Other />
  <Value>3/14/2011 6:18:53 PM</Value>
  <Other />
  <Other />
<recordRouting>Routing Documents</recordRouting>
   <sourceUrl> -  herp derp derp.doc</sourceUrl>
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Yes, you do have to supply the byte stream when using the official file web service.

It would be kinda weird otherwise; how would it handle different authentication situations for instance. Also this WS is made for a generic approach; any applicatiaon in- or out-of SharePoint should be able to use it.

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OK so if I give the byte stream of a file and the correct location of the existing file in <sourceUrl>, how comes I still get NotFound? – jambox Mar 15 '11 at 13:32
Also, the main thing I want to know is, am I meant to be using this web service to submit a completely new document or one that has already been uploaded? – jambox Mar 15 '11 at 13:44
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There is a group called "Records Center Web Service Submitters for recordcenter" whic hbasically specifies the users allowed to submit a record to the record center via the web service. By default, nobody is a member of this group. To add a user go to "Records Center >Peoples and Groups>Groups" and click on the above mentioned group. Add the user to this group, and the above code works....

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