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I am a newbie on Drupal.

I am building a product page whose layout is 2 column, the first column (main content) displays text content and the second column (right hand side) displays two information boxes one below the other.

To implement this I created a new content type called "product detail" and added two text fields calling it as box1 and box2.

Now, when I post a page using the "product detail" content type, it shows the 2 fields below the main content. I configured the managed fields to 'Exclude' so they are not part of $content. But now, I don't see them, how do I get them to show them on the RHS?

My .info file has $content and $right.

Thanks, jackdive

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If you are not familiar with the ins- and outs of developing blocks, or assigning variables to a theme, I suggest you use the "turnkey" solution called cck_blocks.

Otherwise, the pattern you are looking for is:

  • Use template preprocessors to extract certain field values of the current shown node.
  • Shrub (XSS etc) and print these values anywhere in the template.
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Thanks berkes. I used the cck_blocks to render the fields. – jack Mar 15 '11 at 15:44

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