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How to create objects in Dojo ? How to inherit that objects in Dojo ( for example: I want to create class A with field a and method ACK, then create class B and C, B inherits A and B inherits C ) ? How to do that ?

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What you look for is the method dojo.declare(className, extends, fields):

Create class A with field a and method ACK:

dojo.declare("com.mycompany.myapp.A", null, {
    a: "myValue", // field

    ACK: function(param) { // method
       // do something

After that declaration you can instantiate objects of your new class:

var x = new com.mycompany.myapp.A();

If you don't like to use the full namespace and want more Java-like declarations:

var A = com.mycompany.myapp.A;
var x = new A();

Create class B and C, B inherits A and B inherits C:

dojo.declare("com.mycompany.myapp.C", null, {  
    // field list

             [com.mycompany.myapp.A, com.mycompany.myapp.C], // B inherits from A and C                  
    // field list
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You should definitely have a good look at the extensive documentation for dojo.declare:


Also potentially of interest, but certainly not to be confused with the above, are dojo.mixin and dojo.extend.

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