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I have a table in SQLite:


Since EventTypeID is an integer and a primary key, that automatically makes it an auto-incrementing column, and that works fine.

I'd like to insert a row into the table and get the newly incremented value from VB6.

Dim oRs as Recordset
dim oCmd as new Command

oCmd.ActiveConnection = GetConnection()
oCmd.Source = "insert into EventType (EventTypeName) values ('blah')"

Is there an automatic way to retrieve the newly created EventTypeID without having to issue another query (select max(EventTypeID) from EventType))?

I seem to remember from VB6 days long time ago, that there was a way to do that.

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Check out the FAQ. The sqlite3_last_insert_rowid() function will do it. Careful of triggers though

Not tested, but you should be able to send both statements in one call. It's been a while since I wrote any VB6. Also this is not SQL injection safe.

Dim oRs as Recordset
dim sSql as String
sSql = "INSERT INTO EventType (EventTypeName) VALUES ('blah'); SELECT last_insert_rowid() FROM EventType"
oRs.Open sSql oConn
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btw, with the ODBC driver, you have to split your query into 2 calls. –  AngryHacker Sep 19 '09 at 1:37

I don't use VB, so I don't know the interface you're using with your database, but, as bendewey said, there is a function in the c API called sqlite3_last_insert_rowid() that will return the primary integer key for the last inserted row, so you could look for a similar function in your interface.

If that doesn't work, you can use the SQLite-specific query:

SELECT last_insert_rowid()
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You can call SELECT last_insert_rowid() after your insert

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If use

SELECT last_insert_rowid() 

returns the last rowid, you can use :

SELECT last_insert_rowid() AS rowid FROM table_name LIMIT 1

for obtain the last rowid for an individual table

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