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I need to make a login hook for the guest user in mac. This script simply copies an app in application folder to the desktop of Guest user. I have the following script and it works perfectly for any other user, i.e, for a user named VSI:

tell application "Finder"

copy file "iMac HD:Applications:mix.app" to folder "iMac HD:Users:VSI:Desktop"
end tell

for Guest user, I googled, and the script should be:

tell application "Finder"

copy file "iMac HD:Applications:mix.app" to folder "iMac HD:Users:Guest:Desktop"
end tell

How can I make it a login hook?

I tried changing the /library/preferences/com.apple.loginwindow.plist file, but I can't figure out how for the guest pc. I also changed the /etc/ttys file, but it is not making mix.app a login hook for all users.

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…just out of curiosity: why exactly are you copying the Application to the guest user´s desktop in the first place? Wouldn´t putting it into the Dock be enough? –  Asmus Mar 15 '11 at 19:50
a logout app that shows a user his charges after a user has used the pc. I would really want the app to be copied on the Guest account. Problem is all guest data is deleted once guest logs out. So i made a apple script that copies that app onto the desktop . Here is the code and i works perfectly. tell application "Finder" copy file "iMac HD:Applications:testapp.app" to folder "iMac HD:Users:VSI:Desktop" end tell only issue is i cant figure out how it would work for guest pc –  Izac Mac Mar 16 '11 at 7:41

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done... i found the answer...simple... a loginhook or a logout hook is for a mac pc and is independant of user... thats it i guess

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