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I am beginner in typo3, I have done an extension with Kickstarter, and I want to disable cache only for this extension, and not for the other pages of my typo3 website.

How can I do that ?

Thanks a lot.

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Also to disable or limit the caching time on a per page basis might be a solution The setting is under pageicon edit -> tab behaviour -> cache settings (the ?no_cache=1 url parameter)

Another way would be to clear the cache when the data was changed in a sysfolder / set an autoclear in its ts page config for single pages TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = 1,3,5 -- numbers are pid comma seperated TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all -- or clear cache all

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As stated in the other answers - disabling cache in page properties leads to full cache disablling for that page and not only for the extension itself. – Krystian Sep 18 '12 at 17:33

you need to pay attention to three locations. First have a look at your ext_localconf.php file. For each plugin (by plugin i mean Frontend Plugin) there is a line similar to this one:

t3lib_extMgm::addPItoST43($_EXTKEY, 'pi1/class.tx_yourext_pi1.php', '_pi1', 'list_type', 1);

To disable the cache you need to set the last value to zero, like this.

t3lib_extMgm::addPItoST43($_EXTKEY, 'pi1/class.tx_yourext_pi1.php', '_pi1', 'list_type', 0);

Within the Plugin's PHP file (e.g. pi1/class.tx_yourext_pi1.php) you need to ensure that the following line is either deleted, commented out or changed to "false"

$pi_checkCHash = true;

At last, add this line to your main() function (somewhere below the rest):

$this->pi_USER_INT_obj = 1;

That should do it.

cu Roman

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Your suggestion for the ext_localconf.php file has just fixed something that's been driving me mad for aaaaages... – Ian Devlin Jun 5 '12 at 11:35

Using $GLOBALS['TSFE']->set_no_cache() will disable caching for the entire page!

Call the function $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->set_no_cache(), if you want to disable caching of the page. Call this during development! And call it, if the content you create may not be cached.

Other sources are explanatory.

Instead, make sure that your extension is of type USER_INT, cf. the docs.

$this->pi_USER_INT_obj = 1;
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this does not solve all problems, you still need to change your ext_localconf.php as described in the other answer. – cweiske May 13 '11 at 9:13

Let's update this question with more recent info that applies to TYPO3 CMS 6.0.x-6.2.x at the time of this writing. If you have a dev site that's not live yet, I'd used the uncache extension made by the FluidTYPO3 team. It's nice to be able to just disable cache entirely until you get the bugs worked out so you're not clearing cache every 2 seconds.

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Use following script for remove cache from current page.


Above script you can use in your controller file.

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