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I try do to cite some authors into my beamer. The citation takes place within a frametitle. It works perfectly fine until I want to superscript them. I try with package [super]{cite} and it doesn't work. I get some compilation problems:

! Undefined control sequence.
\beamer@todo ...ust \edef \inserttocsectionnumber
                                              {\the \beamer@tempcount }\

To compile my work, i used the following bash:

pdflatex example
bibtex example
pdflatex example
pdflatex example
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I found the answer by using the package natbib and correctly use it especially by defining the bibliographystyle into the preamble and to define a blank function newblock in order to compile nicely.

The preamble should look like:


\bibliographystyle{apalike} % Or your specific bibliographystyle

\def\newblock{} % To avoid a compilation error about a function \newblock undefined


Don't forget the \citep{...} and it should work fine.

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