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I have modules written in c++ for python. For example, here is folders structure:


Now I want to import this into python like:

import Main.SubMain.Module1

First of all, I did recursively for all that folders:

import sys

And now I can do:

import Module1
import Module2
import Module3

But I want to specify the exact folder of the module. I tried to put into all folders but this didn't help me. This way modules aren't visible for python. What's wrong?

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In order to make something a package, you need to add (not to the folders. So if you add to Main, Submain1, and Submain2, then call sys.path.append with the parent of Main, you should be able to import as you desire.

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Sorry, I used, not input. I added that files but didn't call sys.path.append. Thanks. – Ockonal Mar 15 '11 at 12:42

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