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I need to find some criptographic solution, which allows me to sign some data using private key, and check signature using public key. Would be great if there is some nodejs package.


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Sounds like your needs should be met by the built-in crypto package, no? Check the docs on the createSign and createVerify methods, and the signer and verifier objects they respectively generate. Note that these require your system to have openssl installed where Node can find it.

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Thanks for answer, yes, crupto module is what I need. It seems that crypto haven't built-in way to generate public-private key for signing/veriying, and I should use openssl command, right? –  Anatoliy Mar 15 '11 at 16:25
Yes, there don't appear to be any cryptographic randomness functions built into Node.js. Though it looks like there's a nice wrapper library around openssl for this: github.com/akdubya/rbytes –  Trevor Burnham Mar 15 '11 at 16:59
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You can do this using JAVA Applet. We have been doing the same in our application where we have to use Browser based certificate to encrypt, decrypt and sign data.

The part of code can be found on following link. Keystore Alias Issue

Hope it helps. We are doing fine with this code only issue we face is with two same named certificates as described in above post.

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If you want to sign xml there is xml-crypto - an xml digital signature library for node.js

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