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I'm looking for CMS to make a web portal alike google code but for local project, for own subversion server.

I found the only one - opengrok, but it's based on Java and very hard to install.

Is there some CMS alike google code ?

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I would recommend you check out Trac

It does most of that (and more), it's easy to maintain, etc.

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it's looking like really great, I'm going to test it first. – Heather Mar 15 '11 at 16:45
Test it with multiple projects and sub projects. Also look at filtering issues, exporting summaries to pdf. Set up workflows and a roadmap. Finally switch on a discussion board / forum. If you struggle with any of these then take a look at Redmine. I've been there done that - switched to Redmine and never looked back. Just be aware Redmine has been forked, the alternative is ChiliProject. – Adrian Mar 16 '11 at 16:59

In work we use Teamforge along with various agile templates. I believe jetbrains also have a product which is similar. I am unsure on licensing.

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I would recommend Redmine, cause it can handle mutliple Projects with a single installation and support many VCS out of the box etc.

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