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My web application is using Spring Security and everything seems fine except for one thing. Once I authenticate a user in one browser they are always authenticated. If I close all instances of a certain broswer (for example Chrom) and open a new instance, I'm not prompted for authentication and proceed directly to the secured resouce. If I bounce my local dev server then I'm prompted as expected. I need a sticky session but not that sticky. Any ideas why Spring doesn't prompt me again after closing all browser instances? I'm using spring-security*3.1.0.M1 and spring-core-3.0.5.RELEASE. Thanks for the assistance!

security context file(removed the xml and schema definitions):

<global-method-security secured-annotations="enabled">
<http security="none" pattern="/services/rest-api/1.0/**" />
<http security="none" pattern="/preregistered/**" />
<http access-denied-page="/auth/denied.html">
        access="ROLE_NONE_GETS_ACCESS" />
        access="ROLE_ANONYMOUS,ROLE_USER" />
        access="ROLE_ANONYMOUS" />
        access="ROLE_USER" />
        authentication-failure-url="/auth/login.html?_dc=45" />
    <logout logout-url="/auth/logout.html"
            logout-success-url="/" />
    <anonymous username="guest" granted-authority="ROLE_ANONYMOUS"/>
    <remember-me user-service-ref="userManager" key="valid key here"/>
<!-- Configure the authentication provider -->
    <authentication-provider user-service-ref="userManager">
            <password-encoder ref="passwordEncoder" />

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@colin That's what remember me service is supposed to do. Do you see the same behavior when you do logout instead of closing browser? – Ritesh Mar 15 '11 at 13:36
@Ritesh Im unable to get the logout to work. I posted my issue here:stackoverflow.com/questions/5321982/… – c12 Mar 16 '11 at 9:06

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