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I'm using System.Xml.Linq to parse MathML 2.0 via its associated DTD. Everything is fine except that Maple produces the ⁡ element which does not appear to be a DTD. Where is this element defined? I tried googling, but to no avail.

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⁡ is an entity that's treated as an operator (i.e., an mo element) in MathML. Its a valid Unicode character, with codepoint x2061:

ApplyFunction is normally used in order to prevent ambiguity, rather than as a required operator. For example, this code block


is just as valid as this code block


and really there's no ambiguity in either case, but for some functions there may be.

⁡ should appear as an entity declaration in any MathML DTD.

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It appears as an entity declaration, but not in the main file - there is a reference to some .ent file, but XLinq seems to ignore it completely. – Dmitri Nesteruk Mar 29 '11 at 12:47

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