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Hi I am planning to use oracle change notification feature in C# using OracleDependency class. Whenever there is change in the data, we get the notifications from database that there is a change in the data access layer. So we can connect to DB and get the new data, but how can we send this new data back to the application(console app)?

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do you happen to know how that notification is implemented in the rdbms? Is it by way of a trigger? If it is a row-level trigger this will certainly slow down the application. If it is an event trigger, it might miss events when under heavy load. Do you need a notification for every change or just a notification for 'there are changes available'? What Oracle rdbms version are you using? – ik_zelf Mar 15 '11 at 20:47
@ik_zelf I am using oracle 10g. I need a notification that changes are available. – Naveen Chakravarthy Mar 17 '11 at 14:17

Sounds like OCI Result caching, but not sure how that fits in with C#.

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I am passing a delegate function as a parameter to data access and whenver database sends notification, the event is passed to the delegate function.

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