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Now I'm playing with the RichTextBox in Silverlight. I'm trying to copy some content from other application like Office Word. However all I can get is the pain TEXT without any format. Is possible to copy the content from word or PDF file with the format like font-size, font-color?


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Unfortunately, in Silverlight 4, there's a limitation on the data you can get from the clipboard.

You are allowed to get the plain text from the clipboard but not the raw data itself (ex: images, rich text formated text, etc).

Until a new version of Silverlight allow you to get the raw data from the clipboard, I'm afraid it won't be possible, even with a third party RichTextBox.

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Thanks for your answer. I hope the new version of Silverlight can support this. – Mrainy Mar 16 '11 at 18:07

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